Naturopathic Philosophy: Turning down the boiling pot

There’s a phrase I use commonly in my naturopathic clinic when discussing my clients’ health with them – turning down the boiling pot.

I guess this sounds a bit strange out of context unless you’re looking at the conditions and symptoms my clients present to the clinic with, but it’s meaning is something that is at the heart of my naturopathic philosophy.

I use this phrase to explain the often complex and multifaceted nature of disease (dis-ease), illness and my naturopathic approach to dealing with one thing at a time.

Understanding Naturopathic Philosophy

On-going and chronic conditions have deeper, lingering symptoms. Ones that have been plaguing you for a while. Perhaps to the point where you are so used to them you barely remember a time when it wasn’t like that. It may have been a deep sensation of depression, or perhaps bowel movements that just aren’t quite right, the annual outbreak of hayfever, or the painful periods.

Acute Symptoms are the Boiling Pot

On top of these long-term ailments, I often see acute symptoms. These are the things that often push my patients to make an appointment in the first place and are often the thing that drives them crazy.

It may be the insatiable itch of eczema or the chronic thrush; chest infections that keep coming back or seriously debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

By turning the boiling pot  down in these cases we are addressing one thing at a time. First by addressing the really fast boiling, rolling heat of the acute symptom. Secondly by supporting the body so these acute symptoms don’t come back. This is often the harder work that requires patience and dedication to the protocol. Removing the chronic symptoms so they don’t return.

I find this so important in building my treatment protocols so we can see what is really driving these symptoms.

A Reason For Everything

I’m a firm believer in the rationale that there is always a reason for everything when it comes to your health and wellbeing. There will be something driving these symptoms – a nutritional deficiency, an absorption issue, dysfunction of a body system, or just not getting enough breakfast. Sometimes you need to look a little deeper to discover it, sometimes it may take a while to really get to the crux of it, but the answer will be there.

So by putting the pot to a gentle simmer instead of a roaring boil, we get a chance to see what are the drivers of your condition and also help you feel better in the process.

Health is complex. Speak to me if you’d like to discover a less complicated way through, together.