Perimenopause – a time of hormonal change

Finally, you reach the age where you feel like you’re getting things together, well some of the time at least…Usually, sometime in your 40’s, the kids (if you have them) are becoming more independent, and you’re feeling more confident in your career and relationships, and more confident in your body.

Then BAM! You start to feel irritable all the time, or the lead-up to your period starts to become intolerable physically and/or mentally. Your menstrual cycle might start to go haywire or your bleeds may become especially heavy. Sleep goes out the window and anxiety becomes a daily visitor.

This can be the experience of many people when they enter the time of life leading up to menopause. It’s called perimenopause and can last for up to ten years!

This ‘second puberty' is a time when progesterone is slowly lost, and its’ counterbalance oestrogen can be higher than ever before in your life. It’s these fluctuations in hormones that can cause many of the symptoms of perimenopause.

Thankfully, this hormonal stage is temporary, but there are also many naturopathic tools to help you not only survive, but thrive during this period in your life.

This can be as simple as changes to how you’re eating and managing stress, or as individualised as herbal medicine and nutrients to support your personal situation and address the drivers behind your symptoms.

Thanks to the holistic approach taken in naturopathy, seeking support during perimenopause can help ensure that the transition into menopause and beyond is a positive life progression, heralding a new level of health and freedom.

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