Menstrual Cups

We are all for anything that works to help support you through your #period here at New Leaf.

There is no 1 size, method, practice or rule that fits all when it comes to those uniquely diverse and delicate days.

For many, this is an extremely challenging time, whether it be a surplus of painful, heavy symptoms or a just as painful lack of them, discovering your own personal flow (pun intended) through this time is extremely vital.
The first version of the Menstrual cup popped up as early as 1937 and has been evolving ever since. Its invention has supported thousands of people, reduced waste and contributed to the reduction of period poverty around the world due to its reusable nature and decreased financial commitment.

Information surrounding the proper use, selection, shape and size of cup is not always offered on packaging when choosing one & can get overwhelming.
Menstrual cups are generally considered safe, but it is always important to know what you are using. Have a look at the links below to see what size might be best for you and how to correctly use one during your bleed. A place like Put A Cup In It will give you some good options
Individuals suffering from complications such as pelvic inflammatory disorder, endometriosis or adenomyosis are not always able to utilise options such as the Menstrual Cup (or even tampons) due to the inflammatory nature of these conditions and the pain that can be experienced with insertion or removal. It may work perfectly for you if you do have any chronic conditions, however, we do encourage a gentle, cautious approach with use as finding a rhythm can take time, trial, error and potential difficulties.

We would love to know your Menstrual Cup recommendations to celebrate and champion choice, accessibility and education within this area. So if you have found a resource, a product or just some helpful information, we would love to know and share it with our community to take some of the guesswork out of it for everyone.