Naturopathic Fertility treatments. IVF Support

Your Naturopathic Fertility Journey

New Leaf Naturopathic Health has always provided dedicated fertility support. Now, with Jacintha Gunasekera joining Hannah Boyd to provide comprehensive and compassionate fertility care, we have a combined 30 years of experience in this special field. 

We have helped so many people become parents. Our naturopathic expertise have prepared them with personalised preconception care, and encouraged them through their pregnancies. We've supported individuals and couples through complicated Assisted fertility journeys. It really is work we love to do, and now New Leaf can offer even more support with two dedicated fertility practitioners.

We wanted to let you know a little about how we structure our fertility appointments at New Leaf. All our appointments are carried out via Telehealth, and with the utmost care and support.

We structure a long initial fertility appointment because we avoid one-size-fits-all ‘protocols’, and want to do more than simply skim the surface of your case. These appointments can be made for individuals, or for couples if your fertility journey involves a partner. Fertility is not just about egg quality, we assess many areas, especially male factors.

During your first appointment, we comprehensively review your reproductive health and explore the relationship between your reproductive and overall health. We’ll take a thorough look at any investigations you’ve already had done, and determine if you’d benefit from further investigations such as blood tests, ultrasound, semen analysis, and vaginal microbiome profile - we can work collaboratively with your GP to arrange these. We’ll also explore the ways your environment and diet can influence your fertility.

Your individualised treatment plan may involve dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as herbal and nutritional medicine. All treatments are safely prescribed alongside any current medication, including IVF medications.

Follow-up fertility appointments are held every 4 - 6 weeks, or appropriately timed around your IVF egg collection / embryo transfer. These appointments provide the opportunity for us to discuss your progress and any results, and to review and reassess your treatment plan.

We take this very thorough approach to fertility appointments at New Leaf because your fertility doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We know that egg, sperm and uterine health are affected by your broader overall health and environment and that we can make changes to optimise fertility outcomes.

Adding a naturopathic lens to your fertility care is suitable for anyone trying to conceive - whether you are in a preconception phase, or if your needs are more complex, such as those with PCOS, endometriosis, those needing IVF treatment, doing egg/sperm donor cycles, those with diminished ovarian reserve, with recurrent implantation failure, or experiencing miscarriage or baby loss. Where partnered, ideally both partners are evaluated and treated.

We look forward to working together towards your fertility goals.