The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Have you heard of The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15?

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a guide for pesticides in produce collated from the Department of Agriculture & Food and the Drug Administration in the United States. Unfortunately, Australia has yet to collect this data for our own industries but overlaps in agricultural practices and pesticide use have been found between countries.

The list details the 12 highest & 15 lowest pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables available today.

In an ideal world, organic fruits and vegetables would be accessible to everyone, however, with the rising costs of living and prices that come with the 'organic' label, tools like the Dirty dozen and clean 15 can be useful when trying to be more conscious of our pesticide intake.

Try exploring your local markets or even big chain stores for the 'odd bunch' or 'misshapen' fruits and veg to save a few pennies or even research a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery box! There are some amazing organic and non-organic options out there that help save time and money greatly.

With the bad news coming out about increased numbers of pesticides used in Australian farming, now more than ever it's good to be across your food chain and how your produce is grown.

Do you have any suggestions for fruit and/or veg box deliveries?